What my Spring Cleanse 2018 participants had to say:


"Loved the meditation!" - Pam M., Connecticut



"The meditations were insightful and a good reminder to incorporate meditation back into my life a bit more." - Mary S., Hawaii



"When I was right in the middle of the testing was, coincidentally or not, at the beginning of April. I was scared at that point and was ready to cancel on the whole process. I was listening to your meditations closely though, and they were one of the things that really resonated with me and inspired me to finish what I started. And finally get this answer, which allows me to move forward with the proper clarity and discernment. I remember sitting and listening to one of them in particular right before the consultation in which the actual testing took place, and walking into it feeling very calm afterward. So... thank you." - David, Guilderland, New York



"I learned that I only "need" one coffee a day wheras before I would routinely have two. I learned that I want to live a healthier lifestyle ommitting more processed foods and meat. I learned that I possess the deep answers I seek and I only need to calm the storm within and seek nature and peace for those answers to surface. I learned that it's really beneficial to take 15 minutes to an hour out of each day for -peace of mind- time." - Hannah, Costa Rica



"I loved the So Hum meditation the best I think.  I had never heard of the ocean breathing you described. It was really helpful to keep me focused and seemed very natural as well." - Deirdre, Maine



Yoga Testimonials:


“Jen is positive, attentive and knowledgeable.  She has a gentle manner creating an open and relaxed space to learn. She is also a Reiki Level 2 practitioner, with the ability to incorporate aspects of Reiki into her yoga teaching. I left feeling deep relaxation, and decrease in stress and muscle pain that I had been experiencing from running. 

I recommend her class for students of all levels, particularly those looking for mental as well as physical benefits.” ~ Cassie Cramer, LICSW, Somerville, MA


“I had the great good fortune of taking Jen’s yin yoga class in Costa Rica while we were living there. It was clear that Jen loves teaching yoga. Her presence is uplifting and comforting, calm, centered, and enthusiastic. She is knowledgeable about both holistic health as well as techniques of yoga. She has a great ability to connect with people, was always prepared, and even shared  her awesome home-made herbal products with our class…..w/ recipes included. She will be missed here in Costa Rica!” ~ Carolyn W. Timmons, Ph.D., Retired psychologist



“I loved the yin yoga class! At first I didn’t know how I was going to make it through the hour, holding the postures for so long. I found myself fidgeting and getting anxious. Then the peace settled in. After savasana, I was feeling so zen! I especially liked the meditation of identifying sounds around me. It brought me into the present moment and I relaxed.” ~ Naomi, BC, Canada