In my own quest for healing, I have studied and practiced holistic health methods for over 20 years. I have achieved my greatest health through sustainable lifestyle changes that focus on all of me - body, mind, and spirit. In my coaching practice I help others find and employ holistic practices that are most supportive to their unique, evolving goals.


From managing chronic pain to clearing cystic acne to reversing hypothyroidism and releasing concurrent anxiety, depression, and debilitating menstrual cramps, holistic techniques have saved me. It took getting to a point of complete frustration to finally take charge of my own health. It took years of prescription drugs that were causing negative side effects and not addressing the root of my problems for me to come to learn much of this was within my control. I want to save my clients from the endless cycle of being prescribed medications with no real answers or solutions.


Yoga, meditation, and a whole foods plant-based diet, along with other holistic health practices and working with coaches, teachers and mentors has led me to enjoy greater health than I once could've imagined. I no longer struggle with maintaining a healthy weight or having the energy I need to live the life I choose. I don’t experience sinus infections or allergies, which used to be a constant battle. I am medication-free and not held back by incessant health problems. We are much better able to focus on our potential and greatest possible life when we don’t need to expend so much energy on just getting by! I empower my clients to make small, sustainable changes and begin creating the life of their dreams.

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